Thursday, November 12, 2009


Pricilla is my little, black, silky hen who has to be the best “chicken” mama I have ever seen. Last spring she sat on 7 eggs for 3 weeks. Two days before they were to hatch another one of my hens, Penny, decide she was going to sit on them too. Well, when they hatched, Penny decided that sitting for 2 days qualified her to be Mamma and there was no way she was going to share the chicks with another hen including Pricilla. So sadly Pricilla stepped aside and let Penny become mamma. Penny took care of the chicks but Pricilla was never too far away, always watching from afar. Several months passed and the chicks were old enough to be on their own so Pricilla saw her time to take over. The chicks were almost as big as Pricilla but that didn’t stop her from stretching her wings over the top of them as they perched at night. It was a sight to see this sweet little hen on her tip toes spreading her wings over 4 big, juvenile chickens (3 were lost to hawks/dogs) who really were big enough to be on their own. Kind of reminds me of human mamas who no matter how big our kids get we are there with our arms around them. She enjoyed motherhood for several weeks then decided she wanted to sit again. This time she hatched 7 more eggs and this time, Penny has stayed away. It has been 4 months and she has not lost a baby. She is a great mother. I love watching her in the mornings as she stands guard watching her babies eat and run around. My thought for today – When your children hug you don’t be the first one to let go. =)